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About the author:
Kathie Rothkop is a working hairstylist with over 30 years experience. She specializes in wedding and fantasy hairstyles. Her work has been featured in magazines, bridal catalogs, TV productions, and newspapers. hailed her as a "hair historian" because of her vast knowledge on the history of hairdressing.

Kathie Rothkop

You can be the "belle of the ball" on your wedding day! By using these simple modern techniques, you can have dazzling hair on your special day. This remarkable video was designed to teach anyone how to create a romantic look with their hair. Share it with your best friend or favorite stylist and the two of you can design a striking hairstyle for your wedding. These styles can also be worn by the bridesmaids or mother of the bride. The easy-to-follow instructions will teach you how to do a simple braid, and how to incorporate knots and lacings into your style. If you can "tie your shoe", you can do these styles. Following each presentation, Kathie will give you helpful hints on how to decorate the hair using vintage jewelry, flowers, and hairpieces.

These are the things you will learn in this 50 minute presentation:

Simple knot tying, braiding, and an easy lacing technique
Preparing the hair for styling
Styling products to create a finished look
Decorating ideas using costume jewelry, or adornments
  from craft, vintage & thrift stores
Adding hair pieces and making your own beautiful beaded
  hairpins to match your dress

I highly recommend Bridal Styles Made Simple. I got married away from home and couldn't use my regular hairdresser. I sent the video to my sister's hairstylist and she styled my hair using these hairdressing secrets.
Maggie Wagner, Boston MA
I saved time and money by having my hair done at home the day of the wedding. Friends are still talking about my beautiful hair!
Laurie Decker, Los Angeles CA
This is a fun and very informative video for everyone. As a stylist, this video has taught me some great techniques to use on my clients. Kathie's instructions ARE simple and easy to follow!
Michael Warner, Kalamazoo MI

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