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California Stylist & Salon Magazine
May 2002

By Kathie Rothkop
I recently started taking photographs of my hairstyles and decided that a great way to promote them would be to have a web site. I looked into taking a class on how to accomplish this and bought a few books on the subject. Just as I was wondering how I was going to find the time to learn this wonderful new skill, a long-time client came in and informed me that she had just finished "web school". Her plan was to do a career change in the near future. So during a snip here and a snip there, we decided to collaborate and I would be her first "start to finish" project.
It took about a year to get the site to where it is now and it has been well worth the time involved. It started as a four-page web site and has blossomed into multiple pages, hairstyling photographs, cartoons, trivia and a big page on hair history.

The hair history page has produced the most interest. I have received e-mails from Belgium, England, Texas, South Carolina, Canada, New York, all wanting pictures of vintage up do's from the '60s for their prom night.

The media made fun of Jennifer Lopez's '60s hairstyle at the Oscars, but it was very in with young people.

Another exciting e-mail was from two women TV producers from Australia who were writing a television documentary on the history of the permanent wave.

I have a story on the history of hair styles from the 1600s and one of my key search engine words is Pompadour. This brought a very unusual letter to my computer. A sheik from Saudi wrote that he wanted two "Pompadours" to come to his harem and teach his women how to do hair and makeup. This was before Sept. 11.

I have found that people with web sites with similar interests are very willing to link theirs to mine. It generates more traffic and benefits both of us. I have met so many interesting people throughout the linking process. One is a terrific guy in Michigan. We share the hobby of collecting vintage beauty items and have been swapping our antiques.

My advice to anyone wanting to have a web site is to find someone who is willing to work with you jointly on your creation. This is your beauty salon on the Internet and it should typify who you are. Make sure that the webmaster has a keen knowledge on search engines and acquiring domain names. The best case scenario is to take an adult education class on how to create and maintain a web site. That is my next adventure.

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