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HAIR HISTORY - Styles Of The 1940s

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Hollywood was a huge inspiration during the Forties for women's hairstyles. Veronica Lake was famous for her blonde hair, seductively trailing down across one eye. During the Second World War, many women who copied her were working on wartime production lines and were getting their hair caught in the machinery. The United States government made a plea to Paramount Pictures to change her style. The movie Gone With The Wind inspired a new look for women's hair. The hair was pulled back and contained in a woven net called a snood.

Haircolor was still a very precarious adventure. Peroxide was mixed with ammonia, and Ivory soap flakes were added to make a paste. The hair often wound up on the beauty salon floor.

The 1940s was a time of glamour. False eyelashes, bright red lipstick, penciled eyebrows, and hair either curled or styled up was popular. The "Pin Up" girl emerged, both in drawings by Vargas and the famous photographer Bernard of Hollywood.

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