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Punk rock is the anti-establishment music movement of the period 1976-1980.  It was exemplified by The Ramones, the Sex Pistols, The Clash and the Damned.  This term is also used to describe subsequent music scenes that share key characteristic with those first-generation “punks”. 

The term is sometimes also applied to the fashions, hairstyles and “do-it-yourself” attitude associated with this musical movement.  It soon became a fashion style including leather jackets, chains, ripped jeans and crazy hair.  Mohawks were very popular and so were vibrant colors.  Tattoos and body piercing were common. 

In 2000 we saw a reemergence of these trends.  Body piercing today is as common as wearing a ring on your finger.  Tattoos are so prevalent it is not unusual to see a grandma sporting one.  Hair color is practiced every day in salons all over the world.  Bright beautiful colors are available to the more adventuresome client as is natural hues.

I recently met a young woman named Meagan who works in a coffee house next to my work.  Not only does she make a “mean” latte, she always has fun hairdos and beautifully applied makeup. 

Meg working at the coffee house.

When I first met her she had shaved her head completely just for the fun of it.   Knowing that she was an adventurous soul, I propositioned her to let me put some pink steaks in her hair and then follow that with a photo shoot.  Of course she said YES!

The photos of her are amazing!

It is my modern day tribute to the London punk days but with beauty instead of shock.  Some of her shots remind me of Marilyn Monroe, and Jean Harlow with a modern slant.  While we were doing our photo shoot, Meagan told me that in high school she was called Meagan Monroe.  I can see why!

After pre-bleaching
Meagan's hair,
she sits with a toner and
pink incased foils.

The end result is too beautiful for words!

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Hair and Photos by Kathie Rothkop
Makeup by Meg

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