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Salon Glam is located in the quaint town of Novato, California.  Novato is approximately 29 miles north of San Francisco and 29 miles west of the Napa Valley wine country.  The population is around 47,000 with much of the surrounding land designated as open space for hiking, biking, horseback riding and bird watching.

The inspiration of Salon Glam grew from my passion for hair history.  In the 1600s women of the French court would hire artists to design elaborate hairstyles for them in themes of parties.  These styles were often 3 feet high with ornamentation consisting of birdcages, ships, flowers and feathers.  The “beauty salon” that we know today did not exist.  These society women would invite hairdressers to their boudoirs to create hair art.  This is where the word “hairdresser” originated.  The bedrooms were decorated very beautifully with many mirrors to view the finished product.  They served tea and crumpets and made it an eventful occasion with much chit chat about fashion and style.

Most of my 30+ years of hairstyling has been in large, busy salons.  I felt that it would be a nice change to have a small boutique type setting where my clients could come and relax while having their hair done.  I wanted to re-create the boudoir feeling of the 1600s with a modern feel but with a romantic 1950s Hollywood decor. 

Salon Glam is located upstairs with a nice view of the Marin County hills and trees.  It is around 300 sq. ft. with soft pink walls, beautiful mirrors, satin curtains and photographic images of women from pink spiked hair to romantic replicas of the 1940s.  The salon has antiques from the 1920s and 50s with hair memorabilia such as vintage curling irons, vases, and advertising prints.  Satellite radio resonates through out with a choice of 180 music genres for the client to choose.  I serve coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, biscotti, herbal teas and spring waters.  For those after work men and women there is wine from the Napa Valley. 

Salon Glam features a full menu of hair services with hair color being the most popular.  Work is by appointment only and evenings and weekends are available.  Personalized service with a relaxing but invigorating environment is the main focus of Salon Glam.

"A beautiful woman is a practical poet, taming her savage mate, planting tenderness, hope and eloquence in all whom she approaches."  ~Emerson
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Salon Glam

Salon Glam

Salon Glam
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